Tuesday, 26 June 2007

There will be Blue Skies over

Unsurprisingly, given the big hits his CPS papers have landed on the Labour government's record, Brett Charles Elphicke (on the right, of course) has been chosen to recover the seat of Dover for the cause. Charlie won't be put off by the 5,000 Labour majority, as he can expect a few campaign visits from the TaxCutter to dig out key votes from my fellow Men of Kent. Especially, given Charlie's stated desire to pull the UK out of the EU

Lets just hope that the party gets behind Charlie and the others in Kent trying to dislodge Labour MPs and please does not make the normal party mistake of wasting efforts in safe seats! The TaxCutter also recommends to Charlie to have a weekly eMail emphasising his work on local issues, to get on good terms with the KM and KentonSunday, to build up your Constituency Association, to avoid being long-winded but most of all work bloody hard.

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