Monday, 4 June 2007


Saturday saw the huge success that was the 2nd Bonkersfest. Camberwell Green was alive with the musicians, poets, dancers, drummers and others gathered to celebrate the creativity of those with mental health problems. The Taxcutter was exceedingly pleased that the place was packed and SRO and would like to send his hearty congratulations to the driven organisers for a fantastic days out.

Particular treats were the Madverts, especially the one outling the parlous state of many mental health instituitons in the UK and the poetry of The PooLord, and his great couplets like

"Send your earwax to Planet Chintz
With some complimentary mints"

Although have to say that the finale poem of
"You are a young working professional and you live in Poo-Poo Land"
maybe was from a very different perspective to mine. But on reflection ............
I can't find the PooLord or his work anywhere on the web. This talent must not lay hidden!

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